Aikawa Eri was born on September 6,1993 in Yokohama Japan, a Japanese-Filipino Fine Artist based in Japan who specializes in traditional media such as oils, watercolours, acrylics, coloured pencils and others. She also has the knowledge on digital art.  She started joining competitions when she was six years old, her passion for Art grew and from then on she knows what she want to become in the future.    

             She started painting in the middle of college and mostly focuses on fetishes.  Her works is both innocent and erotic.  Each subject emits an attractive yet disturbing feel.  She’s more on figurative paintings on emotional state that is surrounded with the halo of sublime and melancholia.  Her works are predominantly influenced by the East Asian culture and the West which creates chemistry in both cultures making it distinctive and elegant.


For inquiries regarding projects such as commissions, advertorials and
sponsorship, kindly send an email to 

Contact: eri.aikawa(at)ymail.com

私の絵は全て無断使用、無断転載 禁止です。 
 No reproduction or republication without written permission.

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  1. Hi Eri! Saw the link to your site. Just think your art is really cool. See you around!